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Fleet History


DecJanuary 1978Feb

37089 1030 Norwich - Liverpool St114.96
37095 9Zxx PW working through Worcester 
37133 Stabled on Severn Tunnel Jn (ST) 
37158 Stabled on Ebbw Jn (EB) 
37205 Stabled on Canton (CF) 
37214 Stabled on Ebbw Jn (EB) 
37214 0Z00 Cardiff - Acton With 37289 (37408) 
37220 Stabled on Severn Tunnel Jn (ST) 
37227 Stabled on Radyr Yard 
37229 Stabled on Severn Tunnel Jn (ST) 
37231 Stabled on Severn Tunnel Jn (ST) 
37232 Stabled on Ebbw Jn (EB) 
37234 Stabled on Ebbw Jn (EB) 
37244 Stabled on Radyr Yard 
37248 Stabled on Ebbw Jn (EB) 
37256 Stabled on Severn Tunnel Jn (ST) 
37258 Stabled on Severn Tunnel Jn (ST) 
37272 Stabled on Ebbw Jn (EB) 
37280 Stabled on Radyr Yard 
37281 Stabled on Radyr Yard 
37285 Stabled on Ebbw Jn (EB) 
37288 Stabled on Radyr Yard 
37289 Stabled on Ebbw Jn (EB) 
37289 0Z00 Cardiff - Acton With 37214 
37291 Stabled on Ebbw Jn (EB) 
37298 Stabled on Ebbw Jn (EB) 

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