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Fleet History


SepOctober 1977Nov

37011 Observed on Shirebrook depot 
37034 Observed on Tinsley depot 
37040 Observed at Wakefield Westgate 
37058 Observed on Doncaster Works yard 
37077 Observed on Doncaster Works yard 
37095 Observed at Worksop 
37098 Observed on Healey Mills yard 
37105 Observed on Wath depot 
37111 Observed on Wath depot 
37112 Observed on Barrow Hill depot 
37121 Observed on Shirebrook depot 
37122 Observed on Wath depot 
37126 Observed on Tinsley depot 
37126 Observed at Worksop 
37128 Observed on Shirebrook depot 
37129 Observed on Wath depot 
37131 Observed at Worksop 
37133 Observed on Wath depot 
37134 Observed on Tinsley depot 
37135 Observed on Tinsley depot 
37136 Observed on Shirebrook depot 
37137 Observed at Worksop 
37139 Observed on Shirebrook depot 
37141 Observed at Worksop 
37143 Observed on Healey Mills yard 
37158 Observed on Doncaster Works yard 
37161 Observed on Doncaster Depot 
37166 Observed on Doncaster Depot 
37194 Observed on Doncaster Depot 
37201 Observed on Doncaster Depot 
37209 Observed on Tinsley depot 
37221 Observed on Doncaster Depot 
37246 Observed on Healey Mills yard 
37249 Observed on Healey Mills depot 
37268 ???? 0114 Bristol Temple Meads - Milford Haven Between Bristol Temple Meads - Cardiff Central 

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