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D6918 37218

Picture By Gary Thornton 37218 can be seen at bangor having worked HRT's "The Mabinogion" with 37261

If you can fill in any of the ?? below, or have any info on this loco please send me the details

There are 371 Records in the database covering 10,685.64 Miles


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Released from English Electric Vulcan Foundry - Works Number EE/VF3396/D862 1963 As D6918 03-01-64  
First Allocated to Landore 03-01-64  
Observed at Pantyffynnon MPD 12-04-64  
Observed at Near Tenby 11-07-64  
Worked a Westbound freight through Cardiff General 08-02-65  
0Z00 Light Engine Movement thorugh Newport With D6919 08-08-65  
Observed at Canton shed 27-03-66  
Transferred to Healey Mills ??-10-67  
Observed at Bolton, from a train ex-Manchester (Victoria), during the afternoon 13-01-68  
Observed at Healey Mills 14-05-68  
Observed at Healey Mills 04-07-68  
Observed at Mirfield on a West bound freight 04-10-68  
Reported as having had it's boiler removed 15-02-69  
Observed at Doncaster 09-08-69  
Transferred to Cardiff Canton 01-05-71  
Observed heading down Lickey with 6923 + 6929 01-05-71  
Observed at Cardiff on Transfer ex N.E. 01-05-71  
Stabled on Ebbw Jn (86B) 10-10-71  
Observed at Cardiff Station 05-01-72  
Stabled on Radyr 04-06-72  
Seen at Cardiff 21-10-72  
Stabled on Cardiff Canton depot 19-12-72  
Observed at Newport 27-04-73  
Observed at Cardiff 30-04-73  
Observed at Cardiff 10-05-73  
Observed at Cardiff Central 20-07-73  
Observed at Cardiff Central 21-08-73  
Observed at Newport 25-08-73  
Observed passing through Newport 13-10-73  
Renumbered to 37218 ??-04-74  
Observed at Cardiff 03-04-74  
Observed at Newport 05-04-74  
Observed at Cardiff Central 06-06-74  
Observed at Cardiff Central 15-06-74  
Observed at Rover Way, Cardiff 13-07-74  
Observed at Cardiff Central 13-08-74  
Observed in Doncaster works 01-09-74  
Observed in Doncaster works 06-10-74  
Observed in Doncaster works 03-11-74  
Observed at Cardiff Central 23-11-74  
Observed at Cardiff Queen Street 18-12-74  
Observed at Cardiff Central 28-12-74  
Observed at Cardiff Central 04-01-75  
Observed at Cardiff Central 18-01-75  
Collided with 37284 (37381) at Britannia Colliery 01-03-75  
Stabled on Cardiff Canton with accident damage 13-04-75  
Observed in Doncaster works 04-05-75  
Observed in Doncaster works 01-06-75  
Observed in Doncaster works 10-08-75  
Observed in Doncaster works 12-10-75  
Observed at Doncaster Works awaiting attention to accident damage 31-10-75  
Observed in Doncaster works 02-11-75  
Observed at Doncaster Works 29-11-75  
Observed in Doncaster works 07-12-75  
Observed in Doncaster works 11-01-76  
Observed in Doncaster works 01-02-76  
Stabled on Doncaster Works 16-02-76  
Observed in Doncaster works 29-02-76  
Observed at Doncaster works 02-03-76  
Observed in Doncaster works 04-04-76  
Observed at Doncaster works 02-05-76  
Observed at Doncaster Works 23-05-76  
Observed in Doncaster works 06-06-76  
Observed at Doncaster works 18-07-76  
Observed at Doncaster Works 22-07-76  
Observed at Doncaster Works 08-08-76  
Stabled on Doncaster works 15-08-76  
Stabled on Doncaster works 22-08-76  
Observed at Cardiff 31-10-76  
Removed to Crewe Works 12-01-77  
Observed at Doncaster Works 27-03-77  
Stabled on Doncaster Works 17-04-77  
Observed at Doncaster Works Yard 14-05-77  
Observed at Doncaster Works 10-07-77  
Observed at Doncaster works 21-08-77  
Observed on Doncaster Works 13-11-77  
Observed at Doncaster Works 18-12-77  
Observed on Doncaster works open day 17-06-78  
Stabled on Doncaster Works 18-06-78  
Worked 4B38 2155 Cardiff - Gloucester 03-10-78  
Twin Tanks Fitted ??-03-79  
Observed at Landore Depot 24-03-79  
Returned to Traffic ??-02-80  
Stabled on Cardiff Canton 13-03-80  
Stabled on Ebbw jct before working L E to Margam 24-06-80  
Worked 2120 Ebbw Junction - Margam light engine 24-06-80  
Worked 0110 Margam - Severn Tunnel Junction 25-06-80  
Worked 0400 Severn Tunnel Junction - Ebbw Junction Light engine 25-06-80  
Worked 2120 Ebbw Junction - Margam light engine 25-06-80  
Worked 0110 Margam - Severn Tunnel Junction 26-06-80  
Worked 0400 Severn Tunnel Junction - Ebbw Junction Light engine 26-06-80  
1V09 1602 Crewe - Cardiff Between Pontypool - Cardiff (25219 blew Up) 25-04-81 21.77
Worked 0200 Margam - Severn Tunnel Junction 07-05-81  
Undergoing bodywork repairs at Landore depot 17-04-82  
Observed at Crewe Works 05-12-82  
Observed at Crewe BREL 02-01-83  
Stabled on Crewe Diesel 21-01-83  
Stabled on Crewe Diesel 24-01-83  
Observed at Crewe 03-02-83  
Observed at Crewe 19-02-83  


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