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Fleet History


SepOctober 1976Nov

37019 Transferred to Stratford 
37020 Transferred to Stratford 
37042 Transferred to Thornaby 
37060 Transferred to Stratford 
37064 Transferred to Stratford 
37088 Transferred to March 
37090 Transferred to Thornaby 
37092 Transferred to March 
37104 Transferred to Thornaby 
37107 Transferred to March 
37111 Transferred to Tinsley 
37112 Transferred to Tinsley 
37118 Transferred to Tinsley 
37131 Transferred to Cardiff Canton 
37131 BR AWS fitted 
37131 Dual braked 
37131 Boiler Isolated 
37131 Snow Plough Bracket Fitted 
37238 Transferred to Cardiff Canton 
37238 BR AWS fitted 
37238 Brake is vacuum equaliser fitted 
37238 Boiler Isolated 
37238 Snow Plough Bracket Fitted 
37251 Transferred to Cardiff Canton 
37251 BR AWS fitted 
37251 Brake is vacuum equaliser fitted 
37251 Boiler Isolated 
37251 Snow Plough Bracket Fitted 
37283 Transferred to Tinsley 

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